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Latest News

2014-10-01 - National Holiday in Hong Kong & China
We have two days National Holiday in Hong Kong and China. Please refer to our online calendar on the contact us page.

2014-09-25 - (UPDATED) Delay on shipment exporting from China 
The delay continues. We are now paying expensive courier fees to export some parcels from China. This problem applied to all sellers to export from China so it is not only us. We have uploaded 2 photos (on our facebook page) to show the trucks were under inspection. As far as we can say, about 20% of customers will be affected. So please be patient.

2014-09-19 - Delay on shipment exporting from China 
China Customs caught prohibited goods (Export) recently so they are screening the goods exporting from China very strict recently. So there could be a delay in departure. But this (more strict on inspection) usually happen every year when it comes to China National Day (1st Oct). Thank you for your attention.

2014-09-12 - Delay on shipment sending from China/Hong Kong 
The Airline Security and Customs seem are inspecting the parcels more strict recently due to few drugs trafficking via Postal were found in past months. So there might be a little delay for Departure and Customs Clearance in destination recently. So please be patient.

2014-08-22 - RCX H250 Arrived. 
The new RCX H250GF (Glass Fiber) and H250CF (Carbon Fiber) have arrived for a bargain price.

2014-07-14 - RCX Sky 12A ESC Arrived. 
The new Sky 12A ESC (SimonK Firmware) has arrived, it supports 2-4S Li-Po which can handle 14.5A current for more than 10 minutes (Thanks to the good MOS). It is priced to sell low for you to try. Don't miss it!

2014-06-02 (Monday) - Public Holiday (Tuen Ng Festival).
2nd June is public holiday in China so everything is closed today. Please be patient, we are working hard behind.

2014-04-02 - Website Server was outage for the last 4 days.
Due to the special incident happened with the ISP (moving the server from one statte to another state), our server was taken down without any prior notification which is awful. Our system was down in the last 4-5 days so it caused lot of inconvenience to us and to our customers because our work was limited without accessing to our system. The server is online now so we are working hard to process the orders. Thank you for your patient.

2014-02-28 - More News on Shipping!
We have cleared up the previous pending orders received during the Chinese New Year Holiday. SG EMS services is back in business but it is still a little slow so please be patient. If the status of your SG shipment is "Pending shipment from Merchant/Shipper" and "Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)". It means we have already sent the parcels to the courier but it is pending for SG Post to process physically in SG.

Another courier service is DHL Global Mail which is faster for Euro countries because all parcels are first being forwarded to DHL in Germany and then distribute to other euro countries from Germany. We will choose one which is suitable for your order.

2014-02-21 - SG EMS Service is available again!
We were just informed by the courier that SG EMS service is back in service after a terrible long waiting time (We are really sorry). If your parcel is not yet posted, please allow us few more days, we are going to post your parcel asap. We are sooooo sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused because there is no alternative at the moment and it is out of our control.

2014-02-15 - SG EMS Service Resumes Soon!
We were informed today that SG EMS service resumes soon which is expected to be 18th - 22nd Feb. If your parcel is required to route through SG EMS, then waiting time will be finished soon. Also there is DHL Registered (for EURO) and Russia Direct Line will be available soon too to offer our customers more choice of shipping methods.

2014-02-13 - Fedex Service Available Soon!
Good news that we have signed an agreement today with Fedex for a discount rate to support our international express shipment. We will upgrade our system so you can select Fedex Express and the most good thing is ... you can now ship batteries (many) with Fedex. For those orders stuck in processing status, we will try to post it via Fedex or any other express courier to you asap. Sorry for the delay.

In the past 2 weeks, we have upgraded almost 200 shipments to Fedex Express at our own cost due to the Singapore Express Company is not yet accepting new parcels. Fedex IE (economy) usually deliver between 2-6 working days, while Fedex IP can deliver almost the next day, which is good for someone who needs fast fast fast delivery.

2014-02-12 - Battery Issue Updated
The courier who we can post the parcel with battery is overloaded so they are still not yet ready to accept new parcels since 24th Jan. It will take a little while more for them to clear up the queue before they accept new parcels again.

If your order has no battery, we will ship it by HK Post / EMS which is faster. You are recommended to remove the battery from RTF/BNF/RTR package so we can process and post it faster. Delivery time is also faster with HK Post / EMS.

2014-02-04 - We are now back after Chinese New Year Holiday
We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused during the Chinese New Year Holiday (the previous 5 days). Because there was nothing we could do since the couriers (eg. Post Office / Fedex / EMS) were closed too in our country. Starting from today, our operation will come back but please be patient because we have to clear up the order list we have received in the last 5 days.

Although we could not post your orders in the last 5 days, but we did test the RTF/BNF helicopters you have purchased. We will try to process your order asap now. However, please be noted that the couriers will be busy again since there are many parcels they need to handle after many days of holiday.

Thank you for your understanding and kindness.

We were just informed by the courier that SG EMS is rejecting new parcels temporary due to overloading of shipment. Due to Chinese New Year Holiday, the sellers in China are crazily sending out all orders before they close for about 15-20 days for their holiday.

If you can get the batteries locally in your country, you are suggest to remove the battery from the option list. Because as long as there is no battery in your order, we can ship it by HK Post (Air Parcel) and HK EMS Express, which is still fast.

We are now working on the Fedex Express Rate, and will offer you another option for Fedex Shipment. Fedex is of course very fast and they do allow shipment contains batteries. But it is expensive than EMS Express. But it is a good option for this busy period. Thank you for your understanding.

If your order contains a battery, please be patient for during Chinese New Year Holiday. If your order has no battery, shipment will not be affected.

"Press Release issued on 23 January 2014 - Postal services to the United States of America

Hongkong Post announced today (January 23) that, as advised by the postal administration of the United States of America, due to snowstorms all mail delivery services (including Speedpost) are subject to delay until further notice."

Dear USA Customers, please be patient during the period due to bad weather (the warning was announced since beginning of Jan - not just today). It is expected that lots of parcels are stuck at the airline. Even the snowstorms is over, it takes a while for USPS, USA Customs and Airline to handle such huge accumulated volume of parcels. You might ask, "my state is not affected by the snowstorms", but please note that if your parcel is being transited via affected states will also be affected). Thank you for your kind understanding.

We were just informed by courier that the countries in northern hemisphere are being affected due to bad weather (winter snowstorms). The parcels that sending to these countries (or transiting via these countries to your country) are being affected. Lots of parcels stuck in Jan 2014 at the airline due to this reason. Thank you for your understanding and your patient.

Shipping is a little slow during Chinese New Year Holiday starting from 10th Jan to 25th Jan because all sellers in China are sending out all the parcels before they close. So the courier is pretty busy at the moment, please be patient.

For the Chinese New Year Holiday. All factories and suppliers will close between 20th Jan and 10th Feb. But, we will close only between 31th Jan and 3rd Feb because we need to process your orders. All orders will be processed and posted after the holiday. Thank you for your patient.

** Please note that customer service / support will be affected a bit during this period due to some staffs are on leave.

** 2013/09/26: There will be an extra processing time if your shipment contains a battery because we need a special care on a battery temporary, also the couriers will inspect and transport the parcel more carefully. This should apply to all people (sellers). So please allow a little more time on processing. An order without an battery will be processed faster and normally.

** 2013/10/21: Due to October and November are the peak season of international mailing (gifts) before X'Mas and we have been informed that the couriers (Registered & Normal Parcel) are very busy now. So please be noted that you are recommended to choose Express Shipment if your order is urgent if you expect to receive it in 1-2 weeks.

** 2013/10/25: Registered and Air Parcel are running slow since October (lots of parcels are stuck for processing at the couriers). You are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use EXPRESS Shipment during October, November and December because express shipment has higher priority than slow shipment (Air Parcel). The departure time of Normal Registered and Air Parcel will be delayed during this peak season (well, it happens every year so it is not something new) so you must have good patient if you choose Registered / Air Parcel (the advantage is low cost but the disadvantages are really slow during peak season and with limited tracking status).

When you see "Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)". That means your parcel has been collected by the courier but it is being queued for processing & departure. What you need to do is "patient" because we can only wait for the courier / post office to process it. "Posted does not mean Departed" because a parcel will be queued for handling and waiting for airline space allocation before departure.
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